Case Study: Perth City Hall

BAM, a leading company in the construction sector, organised a Construction Work Taster Day at Perth City Hall on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023. The purpose of this event was to provide young people like Ethan with the opportunity to explore different job roles and gain insights into potential career pathways within the industry. This case study focuses on the successful implementation of the Work Taster Day and highlights its benefits for young people and also employers.


Ethan was given a guided tour of the construction site, allowing him to observe ongoing activities and gain exposure to various job roles within the sector. He had the opportunity to shadow professionals in their respective fields, providing practical insights into different aspects of construction.


A session on CV development and interview preparation was conducted to equip Ethan with essential career skills. Industry experts guided him in creating an effective CV and provided insights into the interview process. The aim was to enhance his self-presentation and interview techniques.


At the conclusion of the Work Taster Day, an evaluation was conducted to gather feedback from Ethan. This feedback provided valuable insights that could be used to refine future Work Taster events and ensure their effectiveness in meeting the needs of young adults interested in the construction industry.


To ensure safety during the event, Ethan was provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by BAM. He was required to bring his own lunch, as catering arrangements were not provided. Alternative parking options were suggested since on-site parking was unavailable. The Work Taster Day was scheduled from 9 am to 4 pm, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience for Ethan.


BAM’s Construction Work Taster Day on 22nd March 2023 at Perth City Hall successfully provided Ethan with valuable insights into the construction sector and its job roles. The structured itinerary, including introductions to Health & Safety, site tours, job shadowing, and career skill development, enabled Ethan to gain practical exposure and make informed decisions about his future career in construction.


By organising similar Work Taster Days, employers in the construction industry can contribute to the development of a skilled workforce, providing young adults like Ethan with the opportunity to explore different career pathways and make informed choices. These initiatives foster a positive and motivated talent pool, ensuring the growth and success of the construction sector in the years to come.

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