Case Study: New College Lanarkshire - Stepping into Construction

In June, New College Lanarkshire, in close partnership with DYW Lanarkshire and East Dumbartonshire, carried out a number of inspiring work tasters for young people in the region. These sessions aimed to introduce young people to what a career in the construction industry is like, and young people explored the wide range of career opportunities available in the sector.


New College Lanarkshire’s work tasters were comprehensive and provided young people with exposure to various construction trades. By participating in these work tasters, the young people gained:

  • Invaluable Insight: By actively engaging with various trades, participants gained a profound understanding of potential career paths within the construction sector.
  • Skill Development: Hands-on experience increased participants’ confidence and practical skills.
  • Career Clarity: These work tasters empowered young people to make more informed career choices after gaining a better understanding of their own interests and talents.
  • Networking: Building connections with peers, educators, and industry experts provided young people with an improved professional network.

New College Lanarkshire’s partnership with DYW Lanarkshire and East Dumbartonshire is an ongoing commitment to nurturing the next generation of construction professionals in Scotland. By introducing young people to a wide range of construction trades, these work tasters inspire aspirations, cultivate skills, and showcase the diverse paths available to them in the construction sector. The Construction Work Tasters project continues to underline the vital role of education in bridging the skills gap and shaping a vibrant future for the construction industry.

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