Case Study: Kier Group - Currie Community High School

In June, Kier hosted a construction work taster session for 13 pupils at the site of the new Currie Community High School. Kier works closely in partnership with DYW Regional Teams across Scotland, and they are also supporting DYW’s Construction Work Taster project, which is a Scotland-wide initiative.


The aim of work tasters is to introduce Scotland’s young people to the wide range of opportunities and pathways that a career in construction offers. This particular work taster focused on technology in construction – a field that’s critical for the industry’s future growth.


Key Highlights

Technology Showcase: Pupils had the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge construction technologies used by quantity surveyors, civil engineers and CAD operators. This hands-on experience exposed the young people to the latest industry innovations.


Career Pathways: The work taster gave young people the chance to explore the diverse career pathways available within construction, highlighting the importance of technology in shaping the sector’s future.


Inspiration: By interacting with industry professionals and witnessing technology in action, the pupils were inspired to consider careers in construction.


Collaborative Success: The event’s success exemplified the effectiveness of collaboration between industry leaders like Kier and DYW Regional Teams in promoting construction as a viable career choice for young people.

Kier’s construction work taster session at Currie Community High School not only showcased the pivotal role of technology in construction but also gave 13 young people the opportunity to explore the sector’s diverse opportunities. By supporting DYW’s Construction Work Taster project, Kier is contributing to bridging the skills gap in Scotland’s construction industry and is inspiring the next generation of construction professionals.

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